Peer Awareness

Peer Awareness is a feature often required in collaborative applications. With Peer Awareness, we can display information such as names and colors of peers who are editing a Document together in the application. Example of Peer Awareness in CodePair:

This page shows how to implement Peer Awareness in your application.

How to implement

When creating a Client, we can pass information of the Client to other peers attaching the same Document with presence.

const clientA = new yorkie.Client('localhost:8080', {
  presence: {
    username: 'alice',
    color: 'blue',
await client.activate();

const docA = new yorkie.Document('doc-1');
await clientA.attach(docA);

Then, another Client is created and attaches a Document with the same name as before.

const clientB = new yorkie.Client('localhost:8080', {
  presence: {
    username: 'bob',
    color: 'red',
await clientB.activate();

const docB = new yorkie.Document('doc-1');
await clientB.attach(docB);

When a new peer registers or leaves, the peers-changed event is fired, and the other peer’s clientID and presence can be obtained from the event.

const unsubscribe = clientA.subscribe((event) => {
  if (event.type === 'peers-changed') {
    const peers = event.value[doc.getKey()];
    for (const [clientID, presence] of Object.entries(peers)) {
      console.log(clientID, presence); // e.g.) presence: {username: 'bob', color: 'red'}

In the example above, clientA will receive information from clientB.

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