Project represents your service or application in Yorkie. For example, you might have separate projects for your application.

You can create a project for a service when you first start using Yorkie. You can add more projects on an as-needed basis, for example, if you want to manage auth webhook and documents.

Server creates a default project automatically. If you create a client without apiKey, the client is created in the default project.

To manage projects you can use the project subcommand:

$ yorkie project
Manage projects

  yorkie project [command]

Available Commands:
  create      Create a new project
  list        List all projects

  -h, --help   help for project

Use "yorkie project [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Creating a project

You can create a new project with its name using create.

$ yorkie project create test-project

Using Public Key

If you create a client with public_key of the project as apiKey, you can manage the client in the project.

const client = yorkie.createClient('localhost:8080', {
  apiKey: 'c9u9298qp9as73b8i190', // public_key of the project

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