Document store for building collaborative editing applications

Yorkie does

  • Just Out-of-Box

    SDKs, Server and Database

    Yorkie provides SDKs, Server, and Database to eliminate the tedious work can be operational and can use the services just out-of-box. Yorkie will take care of the collaborative features while you focus on your direct services.

  • Document Store

    Builtin JSON-like document

    Some CRDT libraries only provide basic datatypes. It's very difficult to represent complex models of applications with the basic datatypes. Yorkie provides a general purpose JSON-like documents to unleash the limitation.

  • Proofed reliability

    CRDT vs OT

    CRDT is formed solid and clean architecture, much better than OT. It has been known that some OT algorithms are more complex than CRDT and cannot satisfy the convergence after publication. which would be difficult to use. Yorkie uses the well-proven CRDT algorithm to achieve reliable services.

  • Size matters

    Lamport timestamp and Garbage Collection

    Vector clock needs clocks per every client and it leads to large space for documents. Yorkie uses Lamport timestamp to keep smaller document sizes and provides Garbage Collection that removes tombstones to keep documents from growing.

  • Auth Webhook

    Apply custom authentication

    Yorkie provides authentication webhook to use custom authentication system. The authentication system used by the application can be applied naturally.

  • Manageable warehouse

    Support Admin API

    Yorkie provides Admin API to browse stored documents and supervise data warehouse easily.

Need help?

If you have any questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to ask us in our Slack channel. You can sign up for our Slack here.