Ship faster,
Stay in control

Yorkie provides synchronization primitives such as JSON-like document
and Peer Awareness API. Dashboard allows for efficient management of documents
as a document store.

Turn anything
into multiplayer.

Yorkie allow you to build multiplayer products without the need for database configuration and conflict management. This saves time and money.

Conflict-free state sharing

Yorkie implements real-time collaboration based on the Conflict-free Replicated Data Type(CRDT) algorithm. CRDTs offer a clean and reliable way to resolve conflicts when editing concurrent data, unlike Operational Transformation(OT) algorithms which can be complex and may not always ensure convergence. Yorkie's use of the well-proven CRDT algorithm ensures reliable services.


Yorkie provides a general-purpose JSON-like Document to enable complex application models while some CRDT libraries that only offer basic data types.

1// You can use a key-value pair to share data with users.
2// The key is a string, and the value should be serializable - objects, arrays, and primitives.
3doc.update((root) => {
4 root.num = 1; // {"num":1}
5 root.obj = {'str':'a'}; // {"num":1,"obj":{"str":"a"}}
6 root.arr = ['1', '2']; // {"num":1,"obj":{"str":"a"},"arr":[1,2]}

You can build a sense of presence by tracking the status of users who are editing the same document with Presence.

More features of Yorkie SDK
  • SDKs for Mobile & Web

    Yorkie SDKs support development for iOS, Android and Web applications.

  • Size optimization

    Yorkie uses Garbage Collection and Lamport timestamps to reduce the size of documents.

  • Security

    Auth Webhook allows users to verify the authorization of clients to access documents from an external service.

Real-time monitoring
anytime, anywhere.

Dashboard allows project members to browse stored documents and supervise the data warehouse easily.


Dashboard in Cloud is accessible from any device without the need for installation.

Build your own

If needed, Yorkie open source packages allow you to build self-hosted server locally.

Yorkie open-source package
How to build self-hosted server

Yorkie open-source package includes SDKs, a server, and a database, making it easy to implement the co-editing feature.